Hidden Messages Have Been Discovered in Paper Mario 16 Years After its Release


The original Paper Mario was first released on Nintendo 64 over 16 years ago, but speedrunners and hackers are still discovering new things about the classic game. YouTuber Stryder7x (who previously discovered a game-breaking glitch that involves hitting a block for 416 years) has just uploaded a new video that reveals Paper Mario text that has remained hidden for all these years.

Shortly after performing the Log Skip speedrunning trick discovered a few years ago, Stryder7x’s file was soft locked when he spoke to a Bub-ulb. He then repeated this trick on a Japanese version of the game, and found that the Bub-ulb (as well as many other characters) actually had previously undiscovered dialog.

Talking to these characters after performing the Log Skip triggers messages like “You shouldn’t be able to get here yet. If you did, it’s a bug, so please get in contact,” and “This message should not appear, but it’ll be a pain if it does.” You can check out the full list of hidden text lines and the explanation of how they were found by clicking above!

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