Let’s set one thing straight, Hideki Kamiya, director of the original Okami, likes to bombard his Twitter account with random and sometimes meaningless things that serve no real purpose than the get people talking. But sometimes he just does it all too well as shown in the next tweet.

Ask Capcom RT ZeldaPrime :!! WiiU console is to good for Okami 2 HD and touchscreen controller Get on Making Okami two big, Kamyia-san

No, Okami 2 hasn’t been announced, but there was an Okami sequel on the Nintendo DS called Okamiden. It was pretty good and the touch controls worked pretty well for the platform, but it felt like more of a rehash than a true sequel. Capcom had the right idea, but the hardware just couldn’t support their vision, but now with the Wii U they can finally see it properly realized. It’s just an idea for now, but would you like to see a true Okami sequel on the Wii U one day? Tell us in the comments!

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