Yesterday, fans who had preordered digital copies of the upcoming Hitman game were shocked to find that these orders had been canceled by IO Interactive. According to the message, “the configuration of the product has changed considerably.” IO Interactive also took to Twitter to explain the cancellations further, stating that “We’re adjusting a few things and will update in a few days. The release date is still March 11th.” For a while, fans were puzzled, but a new update today exposes the rationale behind this strange move—Hitman is now an episodic game.

Today, IO Interactive published a huge update detailing the future of
Hitman. According to this update, Hitman is going episodic in order “to create a living game that will expand and evolve over time.” IO continued to say that Hitman is the first part of a storyline that will release over a span of games, and as such this foundation will affect what the future games will become. This format will allow the development team to craft a major story arc across multiple releases, while still being able to create smaller arcs within each game.

So how does this affect consumers? As IO Interactive stated before, the release date remains March 11th. The Intro Pack will include the Prologue and Paris location. Future locations will be released in later months—Italy will launch in April; Morocco in May; and Thailand, the United States, and Japan later this year. Between these launches,
Hitman will feature weekly live events and the addition of more planned content. The Intro Pack will sell for $15, with future locations being available for $10 each as an add-on. For those who want everything in the Full Experience, you can upgrade from the Intro Pack for $50. The Full Experience will also be available from the beginning for $60, but those who want a physical release will have to wait until the end of the year.

Hitman beta is still scheduled for February 12th on PlayStation 4, with a PC beta coming a week later. Preordering either the Full Experience or Intro Pack will guarantee the purchaser access to the beta. In addition, the first of the PlayStation 4 exclusive Sarajevo Six contracts, “The Director,” will be available at launch.

You can read the full update at the source below. Do you like this new direction?

Source: Twitter, IO Interactive

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