1. Just to slaughter em all

  2. That one house with dirt up to the roof

  3. Morgan Honeyman

  4. Kevin W Cornect

  5. And they died in a zombie attack five minutes later:(

  6. Ryan Daniel Fernandez Klarisa Uribe literally me

  7. Ranil Fernando

  8. Serina Danae Brown

  9. Luis Andrés Arias

  10. Alexis Younker

  11. I have a sound pack and they say “fusilli”

  12. Aaron Long Pat Shen hmm

  13. Jacob Soupe proceed to cover it in tnt

  14. Looks like Squidward made clones. At least they don’t have clarinets.

  15. Samantha Lynn Smith Coleson Gordon

  16. 5 minutes later all the doors are gone
    Next day all villagers gone

  17. Joshua Atkinson-Canning

  18. Alejandro Núñez 😂😂

  19. Marc-Andre Simard Mayotte

  20. Jonathan Tobler

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