If you are aware of PC first person shooters, you are familiar with Zombie Studios, those were the guys that made games like Delta Force: Task Force Dagger, Blacklight Retribution, and Saw II: Flesh and Blood. Now that I got you caught up with a little of their development history, if you are a first person horror gamer, Daylight
is on your radar. You were probably hoping to play this next week, but
unfortunately, you will have to wait until the end of this month to get
your hands on it.

Here is what the dev team had to say about the delay.

“Let’s not mince words, First news you need to know about
Daylight is that we had to delay the release date by several weeks. Here’s the thing: the way Daylight
is developed is completely different because of its procedural
generation. In a lot of ways it really helped the team by streamlining
the environment creation, but it’s taken extra time to make sure all the
scare cues are properly implemented for maximum player effect.”
— Zombie Studios

Daylight will be coming out on April 29th for the PC and PlayStation 4.

Source: GameTrailers

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