Do you happen to play Payday 2 and also enjoy Hotline Miami? Then you are in for a treat. Anyone who purchases a copy of Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number will receive downloadable content for Payday 2. Purchasing the Standard Edition of Hotline Miami 2 will get you five gallons of Hype Fuel and six masks: Richter the Rat, Jake the Snake, Alex the Swan, Tony the Tiger, Corey the Zebra, and the Biker. Purchasing the Digital Special Edition will get you the six masks plus a “Richard Returns” mask, a Sociopath perk deck, the Carpenter’s Delight hammer weapon, an SMG called Jacket’s Piece, and 10 gallons of Hype Fuel.

Some of you may be asking “but what if I live in Australia and don’t get to ‘properly’ purchase Hotline Miami 2 due to restrictions from my country’s Classification Board?” Have no fear, Overkill feels your pain. Any Australian Payday 2 player can receive the content by emailing Overkill at [email protected] Be sure the subject reads, “Australian Heister calling in” though. You’ll also have to confirm your Australian citizenship with an ID or passport.

Looking forward to having some Hotline Miami spilled into your future heists? Let us know in the comments below!

Source: Overkill Software

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