An article from NowGamer quotes Masahiro Sakurai, explaining the decision process for Pokémon characters to be included in each Super Smash Bros. title.

Since the roster for Pokémon has grown so much since the old 150 days, choosing which Pocket Monsters to include in the Nintendo fan fair that is the Super Smash Bros. series is no easy task.

However, Sakurai has a method that he feels has been working fine for the past few years, and plans to use this method for the upcoming Smash title, though the 6th generation of Pokémon will likely not be included in the nominations:

“Well first of all, we talk with the Pokemon company. What’s the hot Pokemon? What Pokemon are in the movies right now? And really do a lot of research on that front…

…For example, X and Y are coming out – of course, we haven’t done any market research because they’re not out yet, but we look at the animated series or movies and anything like that and again, find out which ones are going to be central to any of conversations in Pokemon going forward…

…But it’s not just that – going back to just what we talked about, what’s unique about them? Where do they fit in with the rest of everything else? What do they have? It’s a combination of those things.”

What do you think of this process? What are your predictions for the next Pokémon characters for Smash Bros.? Leave a comment to tell us what is on your mind.

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