Bandai Namco announced yesterday that the popular anime/manga inspired fighting game J-Stars Victory Vs is heading to North America and Europe in 2015 as J-Stars Victory Vs+. The new game will have a new arcade mode, possibly more characters, and will be ported to the PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, and PS Vita.

Along with the new 1v1 arcade mode there will be the J-Adventure Story Mode in which the player must travel into other anime and manga dimensions and battle to see who is the best within these iconic worlds. There will also be 2v2 online battle modes available with a total of four players. Only two players can play in an offline battle mode however.

The game features a huge roster with over 50 playable characters all from 32 different Shonen Jump series. Series include: One Piece, Dragon Ball, JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure, Fist of the North Star, Nisekoi, Hunter X Hunter, and more. Chris Gilbert, senior vice president of sales and marketing for Bandai Namco, stated when speaking about the demand of a Western release for the game: “Today, we’re making those dreams come true; this over-the-top crossover fighting game is poised to pit some of the most famous anime characters in battles never thought possible.” The game is also being localized by various manga series that are actually licensed by Western companies to bring more familiarity to a wider audience.

Players may also rejoice that there will be no cheesy English dubbing for the game! The game will feature complete Japanese audio and feature subtitles. The brief teaser above shows little and the complete roster is yet to be finalized, so speculations on more characters have been going around the internet. I personally would enjoy seeing Sanji from One Piece or somehow incorporating the characters from Food Wars: Shokugeki no Soma. Let us know in the comments what you would like to see from the Western port of the game.

Source: PSU, IGN

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