A few days ago we got confirmation that Darunia the Goron will be a playable character in Hyrule Warriors. In addition to two new gameplay videos and a new trailer that followed the Famitsu reveal, a new hands-on demo has been distributed to a select few. This demo stars Darunia and is set in Eldin Volcano from Skyward Sword, with the mysterious Wizzro serving as the main antagonist. Thanks to a hands on impressions piece of the demo, we’ve got lots of new details about Darunia and Eldin Volcano.

  • Darunia is about the same speed as Link
  • He has a speedy rolling attack where he bowls enemies down
  • Keep hitting the attack button to keep rolling
  • He has a giant hammer with a wide swing
  • His special move is an overhead slam
  • The demo level had Darunia in the Eldin Volcano
  • This location is full of baby Stalfos
  • The goal is to destroy a larger Stalfos classified as a Keep Guard or a Lizalfos
  • Use bombs to open a secret path in the level
  • The level also has you escorting Bombchus to stone spires
  • Bombchus automatically move to their destination, but stop if they run into enemies
  • There are also Poes in this level
  • Poes have an ability to teleport out of harm’s way
  • Wizzro, the one-eyed sorcerer enemy made for Hyrule Warriors, is in this level
  • Wizzro will attack with purple orbs and a concentrated beam of dark energy
  • Your focus meter recharges when you find magic jars
  • When you use your focus meter, your attack power goes up
  • This allows Darunia to use “super armor”
  • At the exit of the level, Darunia does a little dance to celebrate
  • He meets up with Sheik and the two talk about going to Faron Woods
  • Darunia has a treasure chest animation where he peeks inside and holds the item towards the sky just like Link
  • Weapons like the bombs and boomerang can be powered up by picking up an item drop
  • The powered up boomerang is the Gale Boomerang
  • The bow fires a single arrow that does a small amount of damage
  • It’s possible to kill a leader by sniping
  • The powered up bow is the Light Bow and it shoots five arrows in a spread

Source: Siliconera

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