Yesterday we learned that Skull Kid from Majora’s Mask will be playable in Hyrule Warriors Legends on 3DS. This info was released by Japanese video game publication Famitsu magazine, and today we have scans of the article. Our friends at GameXplain went to work on analyzing the scans, and they’ve uncovered lots of details about Skull Kid, Phantom Ganon, and more.

Skull Kid can fight with physical attacks (including spinning through enemies) or he can blast enemies with powerful dark magic and laser beams from Majora’s Mask itself. Skull Kid can also use his ocarina to control his fairy companions Tatl and Tael, using them to round up enemies. Phantom Ganon’s appearance and style is taken from
The Wind Waker, but he’s more deadly than ever with two swords. Just as in main series Zelda games, you’ll be able to reflect his magic attacks back at him with your sword.

The scans also show off two new areas. The area in which you fight Phantom Ganon appears to be
Wind Waker‘s Wind Temple, while the area that Skull Kid is seen fighting in is unknown. Finally, the scans show off a new mechanic for fighting bosses. If multiple heroes attack a boss simultaneously, a green aura will appear around it, and it will take more damage. Up to four heroes can combine at once to make it more susceptible to damage. You can check out GameXplain’s full breakdown by clicking the video above!

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