In Japan, 3DS owners are now able to download a Hyrule Warriors Legends demo from the Nintendo eShop. The demo shows off a few interesting features from the game so we can see what to expect from the full version this March. When you start up the demo, you are given the option to play in easy mode, in which enemies can be defeated much more easily. You are then given the option of Dynasty Warriors or Legend of Zelda style controls, much like in the Wii U version.

The main menu then appears and Legend Mode, Free Mode, Adventure Mode, My Fairy, Gallery, Settings, and Downloadable Contents are displayed. When the demo begins, players will notice that the cutscenes are not 3D compatible. Dialogue boxes, however, do have a pop-out effect. In terms of controls, on the New 3DS the C-stick is used for adjusting the camera angle and items are displayed on the bottom screen.

There’s no news on a
Hyrule Warriors Legends demo launching in the West, but the full game arrives on March 5th.

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