Following complaints from Japanese gamers that Hyrule Warriors has a lot of glitches, the team at Koei Tecmo has put the finishing touches on a patch that should fix numerous bugs and add in new content. The patch is complete, and will launch in Japan on September 1, bringing a new mode, new music settings, and a nostalgic new item.

The Hyrule Warriors update will add in a new Challenge Mode will give players waves of “ordeals” (presumably increasingly difficult enemies) to conquer, with the goal being to clear them out as quickly as possible and achieve a better time or score. The patch also brings a new background music setting option, which allows players to control what music played during battles.

Of course, the main reason for this patch is to fix all of the bugs that plagued the initial launch. Here’s some of the glitches that should be cleared up:

  • Maximum strength is reduced when defeated in battle
  • Music won’t play from the GamePad in off-TV mode
  • Background music interrupts the victory screen
  • The game blacks out after beating a stage

One other bug is fixed as well, although without an official translation, I can’t quite make out what the problem is. Additionally, a new sword and shield have been added into the game, sporting an 8-bit look for some good old fashioned nostalgia! Hopefully all of these changes are implemented at launch for the global release of the game.

Source: Koei Tecmo

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