As you may know, Hyrule Warriors features the worlds of Ocarina of Time, Twilight Princess, and Skyward Sword, providing players with famous and fan-favorite locales spread across Zelda history. Even better, it turns out that players can choose the order in which they play these three worlds. The latest issue of Famitsu revealed The Palace of the Mind and other stages, but a more in-depth look at the gaming magazine has revealed more story information as well.

Hyrule Warriors Ganondorf sets out to conquer the world and recruits Zant and Ghirahim to help him. We also know that Cia plays a villainous role for at least part of the game, but Famitsu poses the question “Do Cia and Ganondorf join forces?” The heroes of the game separate to tackle the evil that is plaguing the three worlds, with Sheik and Impa taking on Ocarina of Time, Lana venturing into Twilight Princess, and Link choosing the world of Skyward Sword. Players can choose in which order they’d like to play these worlds, although from what we’ve seen, there will be some crossing over as the game progresses.

More information was also given on sealed weapons, Manhandla, and potion shops as well. Treasure chests containing sealed weapons appear in controlled areas and house weapons with unique appearances and abilities.The White Sword is mentioned as one of these sealed weapons, and once they’ve been unlocked, they can be obtained as weapon drops in battle. Manhandla is depicted as a huge, wilderness-dwelling plant monster than can harden its skin like metal as a defensive mechanism. Manhandla can only be attacked when its skin is green. The creature has leg-like roots that allow it to move freely, and inside its body is a beautiful crimson colored crystal. Finally, it was also revealed that the potion ship’s wares will increase as you collect more golden skulltulas.

Source: Nintendo Everything

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