I guess I need this, too.

Welp, you heard the Conch.


  1. Sonic Adventure 2 is less than $3. Sure ain’t passing that up.

  2. Sidney Brannon

  3. Jason Morrissey

  4. Tancrède the magic conch tells u to buy all the expansion packs

  5. Bernardo Ricardo

  6. If you put games that you actually want on your Wish List, when the sale starts Steam will email you if those games get a discount during the sale
    They emailed me that Them’s Fighting Herds, Descent 3 and a couple others I wanted had discounts
    You can avoid buying things you don’t really want

  7. Marc Davies is it that time again 😂

  8. Megan Parker Alec Robertson Ashley Potts

  9. Kolton Andrew

  10. Erica Dawn Branin 😂

  11. César Machado Morad this meme never gets old

  12. Connor Coffin THE CONCH HAS SPOKEN!

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