I guess I need this, too.

Welp, you heard the Conch.


  1. Sonic Adventure 2 is less than $3. Sure ain’t passing that up.

  2. Tancrède the magic conch tells u to buy all the expansion packs

  3. If you put games that you actually want on your Wish List, when the sale starts Steam will email you if those games get a discount during the sale
    They emailed me that Them’s Fighting Herds, Descent 3 and a couple others I wanted had discounts
    You can avoid buying things you don’t really want

  4. Marc Davies is it that time again 😂

  5. Megan Parker Alec Robertson Ashley Potts

  6. César Machado Morad this meme never gets old

  7. Connor Coffin THE CONCH HAS SPOKEN!

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