Last week, we got to see leaked emails regarding a possible collaboration between Sony and Nintendo to make an animated film about Nintendo’s Mario character. The emails, which were sent between Sony executives between February and October of this year, mentioned that ex-Marvel producer Avi Arad was in talks to produce the film for Sony Pictures.

Now, we’ve got a video from IGN’s Jim Vejvoda and Joshua Yehl where they discuss why animation is the best way to go with the Mario franchise.

We all remember (or have nightmares about) the old live-action Mario film from 1993. That “train wreck,” as Yehl puts it, scared Nintendo away from making any more films based on their games for a while. It might be that the success of recent game-related animations such as Disney’s Wreck-It Ralph and the Pikmin Short Films has sparked their interest in the idea of bringing our favorite red plumber back to the world of film.

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