Earlier this month IGN removed their review of Dead Cells after receiving accusations of plagiarism. IGN conducted an internal investigation into writer Filip Miucin (using the word “writer” generously here), and after determining that the accusations were legitimate, they fired him. The story should’ve stopped there, but instead, Miucin denied any wrongdoing and sarcastically challenged Kotaku’s Jason Schreier to try and find more examples of plagiarism. That was a mistake.

Schreier and many others did exactly that. Shockingly, they succeeded. As it turns out, Miucin has been stealing from others with alarming frequency over an extended period of time. At this point, it’s fair to ask if he’s ever written a single review that isn’t tainted by this scandal. After receiving numerous tips from readers, Schreier compiled the following list of Miucin’s thefts:

“The lengthy list of allegations against Miucin now includes a
Bayonetta 2 review that drew from Polygon, a video that took word-for-word from a NeoGAF post, and a number of videos in which Miucin read excerpts from Wikipedia about topics like Super Mario Odyssey and Shantae: Half-Genie Hero as if he had written them. The list even includes an Octopath Traveler article that copied from one of his own IGN colleague’s reviews, much to that writer’s dismay. Tipsters have pointed me to dozens of instances in which Miucin took directly from other sources, some of which are rounded up here. Even his Linkedin resume is copied from a job template website.” — Jason Schreier

In light of Miucin’s entire career basically being based on theft, IGN has rightfully decided to scrub their website clean of his writing. Dan Stapleton, IGN’s Executive Editor of Reviews, announced via Twitter that they plan to take down “pretty much everything he did.” IGN hopes to create new, fair reviews to replace the plagiarized ones they’ll be erasing.

Source: Kotaku

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