I’m sure everything will be just fine.


  1. Telle Grimsley u when you get your degree

  2. Doctor: OMG!
    Woman giving birth: What? is it twins?
    Doctor: No it’s a PHD certificate

  3. Lizeth Romero when hospitals want young people with 40 years of medicinal practice

  4. Laurence St-Michel goals😳😩😍🙈😨😆🤪🤟

  5. she must be the one in charge of those cursed frozen surgery games

  6. “Doctor, does this mean it’s terminal?”

    Dr. Baby Daisy – pacifier sucking intensifies

  7. Well, at least the sloppy handwriting of the receipt will make sense with the gibberish.

  8. Eugenia Hernandez Can’t wait to get her! 😊

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