I’m sure everything will be just fine.


  1. Telle Grimsley u when you get your degree

  2. Doctor: OMG!
    Woman giving birth: What? is it twins?
    Doctor: No it’s a PHD certificate

  3. Lizeth Romero when hospitals want young people with 40 years of medicinal practice

  4. Laurence St-Michel goals😳😩😍🙈😨😆🤪🤟

  5. she must be the one in charge of those cursed frozen surgery games

  6. “Doctor, does this mean it’s terminal?”

    Dr. Baby Daisy – pacifier sucking intensifies

  7. Those are MDs not PHDs

  8. Well, at least the sloppy handwriting of the receipt will make sense with the gibberish.

  9. The requirements must be low.

  10. Luigi got big titties

  11. Eugenia Hernandez Can’t wait to get her! 😊

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