A few days ago, BioWare Montréal, the studio
who took over the development of
Mass Effect from
BioWare Edmonton, tweeted pictures of their staff at work on
Mass Effect 4. The pictures were posted by series
producer Michael Gamble, BioWare Montréal studio director Yanick Roy,
and series executive producer Casey Hudson, showing the team working on
the game. The pictures are an interesting look into the creation of the
game, and it looks like things are going well.

The tweets touted “new
characters,” “new enemies,” and “new worlds” within the
universe. Casey Hudson tweeted, “We continue working hard to create amazing new Mass Effect experiences for you. Happy N7 Day everyone!

Below is the gallery of images released by the staff. The images are
few in number, but they’re sure to get any fan of
Mass Effect hyped up
and ready for the fourth installment.

Source: CVG

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