Way back in 2014 Kojima Productions released P.T., a playable teaser for an upcoming Silent Hill game. The demo wowed fans and quickly amassed over one million downloads, and Silent Hills became one of the most hotly-anticipated upcoming games around. Unfortunately, a nasty divorce between Kojima and Konami led to the game being cancelled, and the demo was pulled from the online store.

Fans have petitioned Konami and Sony in the past to make the demo available once again, but to no avail. In the absence of an official release for P.T., an ambitious fan has taken it upon himself to remake the demo. Simon Cromwell, AKA Qimsar, is recreating the game using the Unreal Engine, and he’s making real progress. There’s already a playable version available on GameJolt that you can try out for free, and Qimsar intends to keep polishing the game going forward. Even if he gets hit by a DMCA takedown from Konami, Qimsar has pledged that he will look into “personally [uploading] the game to each individual person who wants it.”

Despite only being seventeen with little Unreal experience, Qimsar has done an impressive job so far. You can check out around 15 minutes of footage from his demo by clicking above.

Source: Reddit

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