The Big Shuffle is a horde-based action platformer created in Unity and is currently in development under a small team known as Wind-up Giants for the Wii U eShop. Supporting up to four players, The Big Shuffle allows users to pick one of four classes — The Striker, The Engineer, The Sniper, and The Captain — who have been tasked with defending a 1920’s inspired futuristic city from an onslaught of angry robots.

Wind-up Giants began working on The Big Shuffle as recently as this past July, so it’s important to note that the game is still very early in its development phase. Regardless, the small team of four has already released a gameplay video, which you can view above, as well as some information about one of the game’s classes, The Engineer.

The Engineer:

  • Wields a shotgun with “modest range for her basic attack.”
  • Has ability to “charge” her basic attack. (More info coming soon)
  • Can deploy offensive and defensive items. (A shield for defense and an auto-tracking turret for offense)

I’ve taken the liberty of collecting a few photos from the developer’s Tumblr page in the gallery below. Check it out!

Source: Wind-up Giants (Tumblr)

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