Kojima’s Silent Hills has been cancelled, P.T. has been removed from the Playstation Store, and, if you’re a horror fanatic like me, you are devastated. Well, concept and environmental artist Chris Kesler is leading a team of six in the development of a survival-horror game influenced by P.T.: Allison Road. The game, which looks stellar, runs on Unreal Engine 4 and will include full Oculus Rift support. Not only have Kesler and his team been building a creepy atmosphere based off of Kojima’s concept for Silent Hills, but they also have another sinister influence:

“I also knew I wanted to make something that’s somewhat reminiscent of the Amityville murders in New York in 1974. The entire family was murdered by the son/brother in their house… while they were sleeping. Horrific, really. One of the little girls was named ‘Allison’. That’s where that part comes from.” — Chris Kesler

Allison Road takes place in a terraced house in the British suburbs. You take on the role of a nameless protagonist who wakes up one Monday morning and appears to have thrown back a few too many the night before. You will try to piece yourself together throughout the day and realize you don’t know where your wife and daughter have gone off to, eventually deciding it seems best to sleep the hangover off until the next day. During the middle of the night, you are awakened by a mysterious, loud noise, followed by a scream. You witness a quarrel between a couple that lives upstairs that culminates in the murder of the young woman involved. From that point on you must fight the clock – you have till 3:15 AM to solve her murder, as her demise has become linked to your own downfall.

The atmosphere of the game resonates with a P.T. vibe to it, and Kesler and his team confirm Allison Road has been influenced by Kojima’s horrific concept in various ways:

“Last year in August, P.T. came out. Of course, instant download. And it was amazing! Like for me, it was just an incredible ride. I finished the whole thing the same night, and frankly I was quite… disturbed… after that. I realized two things that night. 1.) My house is scary as hell at night. 2.) You can make an entire short game with only one hallway. Who would have thought? Somehow it never occurred to me that something on such a small scale could totally work, but that night it really clicked.” — Chris Kesler

It is quite possible that Allison Road could satisfy the hunger you have for a survival-horror game like Silent Hills, if not more! The main way you can support Kesler and his team is by liking their Facebook page so you can keep updated on all happenings with Allison Road. A trailer is planned to release soon. You can also check out screenshots and concepts for the game here.

What do you think about Allison Road? Let us know in the comments below!

Source: Moviepilot

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