They provided playable prototypes for several platforms, maintained total transparency, and revealed a number of familiar faces as playable guest stars. Yet, despite their intense campaigning and a 20 day extension, there remained concerns that Skullgirls developer Lab Zero Games would still not reach their daunting fundraising goal for their Metroidvania RPG, Indivisible.

Backers can finally put those fears to rest, as
Indivisible has at last managed to clinch its fixed $1,500,000 in crowdfunding, thanks to a last minute outpouring of support for the world mythology-inspired indie title on Indiegogo. To celebrate, Lab Zero has announced a pair of new stretch goals!

Read their complete statement on the matter below:


And we don’t just mean Lab Zero. We mean
EVERY SINGLE PERSON who contributed, played the prototype, spread the word, and supported us throughout this long campaign.

We wouldn’t be here without you, and we mean that now more than ever.


1.5 million dollars.

25,000 backers.

And we still have
3 FULL DAYS before the campaign ends!

We’re still running to catch up and have been scrambling to get content reveal-ready!

But now that we’ve reached the goal, we feel that it’s finally an appropriate time to reveal a couple of the stretch goals we’ve had planned.

Here are the first two stretch goals:

$1,650,000 – Another HOUR of Music by Hiroki Kikuta

Indivisible is currently budgeted to have between 60 and 90 minutes of music from Kikuta-san, and we’d like to expand that by at least
another hour. That’s DOUBLE the amount of music!

$1,900,000 –
Animated opening by Titmouse and “Mystery Anime Studio”

We’ll partner with Titmouse and a mystery anime studio to create a high-octane opening animation! Titmouse will storyboard everything, and it’ll be executed by the anime studio!

About Titmouse

Titmouse Animation was founded in 2000 by husband/wife power couple Shannon and Chris Prynoski, producing absurdist, dynamic 2-D animation that hungry college kids with twisted senses of humor just can’t get enough of. It has since evolved into a full service production company developing content for even the wee ones, and employing over 200 gifted artists in LA, NYC, and Vancouver.

About “Mystery Anime Studio”

Unfortunately we can’t reveal who the mysterious anime studio is yet. We have a commitment from them, but until things are a little more nailed down they’ve asked that we hold off on revealing who they are.

We’ve moved the stretch goals info to the top of
the campaign page for now so you can check them out easily. Any future stretch goals we post will go there!” — Earl Gertwagen, Designer

The developer also rolled out a new introduction trailer for one of the game’s many playable Incarnations, Kogi, which you can watch above. Red, from Supergiant Games’
Transistor, joins the likes of Shovel Knight and Shantae as a playable guest Incarnation for Indivisible as well — check her out, as well as a promo comic by the game’s Senior Animator, Jon Kim, in the gallery below!

With 505 Games now stepping up as a publisher, the President of 505 Games USA, Ian Howe, posted a short letter on the game’s campaign page:

I want to say a huge thank you to each and every person who has contributed to this campaign, in addition, I wanted to acknowledge the huge amount of effort from so many of you who have taken the time to try and convince others to contribute, or have reached out to various channels to try and achieve more coverage for the prototype and the game.

We are truly humbled by your support for the project and we’re incredibly excited that we will be able to see it become a reality. We have been talking to Peter and the team at Lab Zero for a long time trying to find a project to work on together and through your incredible contributions, support and energy we are now able to make that happen.

From reading the comments here, I know sometimes even the smallest contributions have to be carefully considered and I also know that some of you have really gone above and beyond in the levels of support you’ve given. We do not take this for granted and we will do everything possible to make sure that we repay that with a great game.

I can also tell you that a lot of us from 505 Games were sitting in front of our screens last night hitting F5 watching the contributions come in as we neared the goal, I’m not afraid to admit that there are a few of us who’ve become a bit obsessed with this over the past couple of weeks!

Now that we’ve reached the goal, the hard work truly begins in making Indivisible become a reality and we will be working very closely with Lab Zero in the coming months to make sure that they have everything they need to truly deliver on the vision for the game.

We hope you enjoy the bonus games that we were able to contribute to the campaign and we would love to hear your continued feedback on Indivisible,


Ian Howe

President – 505 Games

A final livestream for the game will take place on Lab Zero’s Twitch channel this Friday at 1:00 PM Pacific, and it will last until the end of Indivisible‘s two month-long campaign that same day. At the time of writing, Indivisible has raised over $1,585,000 in funding, roughly 106% of their goal, with nearly 26,000 backers — less than four days remain for people to donate.

Lab Zero Games’
Indivisible will be published by 505 Games for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, PC, Mac, and Linux, with a projected release window set for January 2018.

Source: Indiegogo

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