Just over a week after BioWare released new concept art for the upcoming Mass Effect game, an industry insider has revealed some details about the development and content of the game. NeoGAF’s “shinobi602” (who has leaked details in the past) claims that the next Mass Effect has been in development for the new gen consoles since Q3 of 2012 (so it’s already got a solid two years of progress behind it) and that it will definitely not be a timed exclusive on Xbox One or launch on last gen platforms. According to the report, the game will be expansive and will differ greatly from its predecessors.

New Mass Effect began development sometime around Q3 2012…it’d be less than 4 years. Frostbite 3 is serving them very well actually. This isn’t coming to last generation systems, so they’re really wanting to genuinely make the game expansive. They’re also creating a completely new story, new gameplay mechanics, etc instead of continuing with a sequel ala the prior trilogy. It will take a little longer. I think the wait will be well worth it.

For those worried too much will be changed, it was also stated that the game will still be in third-person perspective. Everything else appears to be open to change. What would you like to see next from the series?

Source: GamingBolt

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