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inFAMOUS: Second Son Trying to Make City More Believable


Speaking from personal experience, playing the PlayStation 3 exclusive inFAMOUS was a lot of fun, and the open world city made for some pretty interesting encounters. But the game’s setting never really felt “real.” There were loads of character models walking the streets, sure, but nothing about them felt like much more than decoration. This didn’t ruin inFAMOUS, not by a long shot, but I’d say it was certainly a mark against it. In inFAMOUS: Second Son, it seems Sucker Punch is addressing it.

Creative director Nate Fox was speaking with the Official PlayStation Magazine, discussing the concept of “The Reality Bubble,” when he explained that, in Second Son, Sucker Punch developers “don’t want it to feel like when [our hero] Delsin leaves the block, everything goes away.” He says they’ve got “more systems running concurrently than ever before,” working together to create a city that feels more alive than those of the previous inFAMOUS games.

“We have a term inside the studio called The Reality Bubble. We don’t want it to feel like when [our hero] Delsin leaves the block, everything goes away. So we actually have things going on. There are more systems running concurrently than ever before – the urban ecosystem, all these pedestrians interacting with each other in ways that fill out their attitudes about what’s going on in the city. This is something new to Second Son that we’ve never tried in the previous two inFamous games.” — Nate Fox

To me, that sounds fantastic. One of my major problems with the first inFAMOUS (and it seemed reflected in the little time I spent with inFAMOUS 2) was that the world felt like a delivery vessel for content rather than an actual place in which events were occurring. inFAMOUS: Second Son may very well end up being the first game I actually buy for my PlayStation 4. Are you looking forward to it?

Source: Official PlayStation Magazine

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