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inFAMOUS: Second Son Releasing March, New “Neon” Power Trailer


It didn’t manage to make it as a launch title, and it’s not going to make its previously announced February release date either, but inFAMOUS: Second Son is still very adamantly sticking within the launch window. Sony now says Second Son is “Coming March 21st, 2014,” about four months from now. The Limited and Collector’s editions of the game will presumably be available on the same day.

Alongside this announcement comes a new trailer showing off “Delsin’s latest power, Neon,” which is some sort of glowing purple energy-type thing. Apparently a few of the game’s developers got into a debate on “which power is actually the best,” wherein Lead Designer Jaime Griesemer described the Neon power as “basically firing lasers out of your hands, so you’re a natural sniper,” saying it’s “all about precision from a distance.”

Darren Bridges (Power Designer): Ok, is this really a debate? Smoke is the clear winner. There’s nothing better than dashing in and choke-slamming some DUP stooge, then firing a Cinder Blast that destroys the tower his buddies are standing on.

Jaime Griesemer (Lead Designer): Sure, if you want to get your hands dirty, Smoke is great. But Neon is clean and streamlined. You’re basically firing lasers out of your hands, so you’re a natural sniper. With Neon, combat is all about precision from a distance. Each shot hits hard, especially if you’re targeting the enemy’s weak points. Neon lets you dissect a squad of Dupes like a glowing purple surgeon.

Darren: Sniping is cool, but Smoke lets you travel through air vents and launch yourself out over the rooftops. It turns the entire city into your own personal playground. And smoke is everywhere — if you run out, you just damage a car and get some more. That’s like being able to punch a cow and make hamburgers fly out.

Jaime: Interesting metaphor… But who needs to go on a “vent hunt” when you can just run straight up a wall, instead?! Neon gets you where you want to go, fast. And enemies aren’t going to be able to hit a streak of light. Plus, draining Neon looks cooler.

Darren: Orbital Drop. […mic drop]

The Neon powers look very visceral to me, and given how much I value the sensation of a game’s mechanics, I’d guess I’ll end up liking Neon more than my other options. What do you think?

Source: PlayStation Blog US

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