Insomniac Games, best known for franchises like Spyro the Dragon and Ratchet and Clank, announced today that it is developing a new game called Song of the Deep. Song of the Deep is billed as a Metroidvania-style underwater adventure, where you play as a young girl named Merryn who builds a rickety submarine to search for her long-lost father. Searching through a beautiful, expansive world, Merryn will stumble across sunken cities, a boatload of puzzles to solve, and even some enemies who wish to drag her even further into the depths below.

One of the most unique aspects of Song of the Deep’s development is that GameStop is publishing the physical versions of the title. This idea came out of a conversation between Insomniac founder Ted Price and GameStop’s vice president of marketing and sales, Mark Stanley. According to Price, he and Stanley were talking about the future of the market when the idea initially was formed:

“We’ve all noticed a resurgence of indie titles over the years, and what’s awesome about that is that the smaller titles tend to take more creative risks and deliver something that’s very different than, say, the AAA, more realistic titles. For us as a company that thrives on creativity and loves building new worlds, that’s a place we love to be as well. When Mark and I were talking about how the market’s evolving and looking ahead and bringing more to players, we started connecting on that particular topic, and we were serendipitously working on a pitch for Song of the Deep, and sparks ignited.”
— Ted Price

Stanley says that GameStop approached this decision by examining what kind of value it could bring to its customers:

“We have 62 million customers coming to our doors every year. How do we give more and more content and more exclusives and different kinds of games in our store, beyond just the traditional AAA, etc? We’ve worked for many years with publishers on exclusives in our stores, etc. This is a different way to bring added value to those customers. We think it’s a very good balance to maintain.

“This is the project we’re completely focused on right now. It’s the first time we’re doing this. There’s been a lot of learnings along the way, and I think there’s still a lot of learnings to be had. Based on this, we’ll obviously consider all options. I think one of our focus points and one of the reasons why we dove into this project is part of my role is to look at different ways of expanding our business and bringing more value to our customers.”
— Mark Stanley

For fans worried that GameStop will exert some creative control over the project, you can puts those fears to rest. Both Price and Stanley have said that Insomniac has full control over the game’s development. This partnership will allow Insomniac to create the game they want, while also having the marketing force of a larger AAA title:

“Insomniac owns the intellectual property. We have full creative control over what the game is and how it’s being developed, and GameStop has been incredibly collaborative and supportive of everything we’re doing.”
— Ted Price

“The collaboration has felt very natural along the way. We’re really working every step of the way collaboratively by bringing in all the areas of GameStop — marketing teams, promotional teams — letting them come in and allow the Insomniac team to actually really focus on the game itself and making it everything they dreamt of it being.”
— Mark Stanley

Song of the Deep will launch this summer, and it will be available digitally through the PlayStation Network, Xbox Live, or Steam for $14.99. Preorders for the physical copies are also available at GameStop as of today.

Make sure to check out the trailer above and the gallery of screenshots and concept art below! What are your first impressions of
Song of the Deep?

Insomniac Games, IGN

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