Yasha Haddaji, Nintendo’s top executive in Russia, has been in hot water in recent weeks. After footage of Haddaji having a meltdown surfaced from last year’s Level Up Days event, numerous ex-employees came forward with allegations of abusive behavior, and Nintendo launched an internal investigation.

At this time Haddaji’s fate is unclear, but a new development in the story suggests that Nintendo is at least taking this seriously. On December 1st, Nintendo Russia will kick off Level Up Days 2019. Fans have been wondering if Haddaji will once again be in attendance, and according to a Nintendo representative, the answer is a firm “no.”

So far there has been no word about a possible suspension or termination of his position, but it looks like Nintendo wants to keep him out of the public eye for now. Nintendo does not intend to issue any official comment until after they’ve completed the investigation. Hopefully, they do the right thing.

Source: Nintendo Russia (via Ostrog)

Ben Lamoreux


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