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Is Purchasing Call of Duty and/or Battlefield a Matter of Morality?


Morals, it’s that funny aspect of life that helps guide several decisions we make. As an example, you may hate someone to the point that you would actually think your life would improve if they were dead. However, you are unlikely to go about killing that person because morally you just know it’s not the right thing to do. In essence, Morality is the simple decision and aspect of life that helps you decide what is right and what is wrong. It’s a rather simple concept, but it’s extremely complex since everyone’s moral values are different.

Enter Call of Duty and Battlefield, two highly successful selling game franchises that promote realistic weapons – down to the point that the companies that make the weapons actually get to oversee their depiction in the games themselves and get paid for the usage of the information for the weapon itself (including the name of the weapon). In that of itself, it’s not a moral quandary to buy these games if you are necessarily against violence with guns in general and that isn’t the point made in the above video. Rather, could it become a one that you may have not considered if you do actually oppose not only the use of guns, but the ownership of them? 

There is no real right or wrong answer, and in many cases you could be considered a hypocrite depending on how you view things. But you see, that’s the brilliance of morality – it’s subject, it can be hypocritical, and in a sense it can just be a hard thing to judge. Do yourself a favor – watch the above video and then response below, because this is one heck of a debate.

Our Verdict

Nathanial Rumphol-Janc
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