It’s been nearly three years since Grand Theft Auto V came out, and players are still finding new things in it. Last year, gamers found a golden peyote plant that could transform the finder into a Sasquatch known as Bigfoot. This turned out to be the tip of an even weirder mystery hidden in the game’s code, and this week someone finally figured it out.

Basically, there were actually seven peyote plants hidden in the game world, each of which would spawn on a certain day of the week. Through the use of the Sasquatch form’s “sonar,” players were able to figure out which plants appeared on which days and when. However, the trail went cold when investigating people found nothing after using all seven plants.

Rockstar then released an update which contained a hidden message: “His quarry seemed familiar.” Some fans soon realized that a new enemy had started appearing every time they used a peyote plant to transform. The objective was clear: they had to hunt down this quarry, passing invisible checkpoints littered with the enemy’s victims. The problem was, the creature kept running away for hours on end, preventing players from killing it.

But this month, a player called LeBlond managed to get close enough to kill it (as you can see above). This rewarded him by making the beast character a selectable character for the game’s Director Mode. The design of the creature is evidently a reference to the movie Teen Wolf, implying that Rockstar may want us to make our own version!

Were you one of the many people who followed this mystery? Have you seen the beast yourself? Let us know in the comments below!

Source: Kotaku

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