There’s been too long of a silence from Italian indie-game developer Ivan Zanotti, best known for Imscared, which was seen as a perfect antidote to Slender and all of its clones heirs. He has started other projects since his last release, but according to him they’re taking longer than expected, and so he’s been excited to release a new game. Nothing Else, which he described as ‘a weird game experience’, is the product of all of his effort.

Nothing Else seems very basic at first glance, being pseudo-8 bit and a 2D side-scroller (with some clues for puzzles found in a first person view). However, Nothing Else is far more than a simple 2D platformer, rather, it is a puzzle horror game. In fact, the very first puzzle involves obtaining the book that your character wants to read as he falls asleep. Instead of drifting gently to sleep, however, your character finds himself transported somewhere strange.

Nothing Else is centered around puzzles, so you should definitely keep your eyes peeled for the clues that have been flawlessly blended into the close-ups. The art in the game is beautifully simple and, when mixed with the eerie soundtrack and near disturbing scenery, provides an almost delightfully creepy atmosphere. The game is a perfect mixture of horror and adventure that only Zanotti could hope to accomplish.

Nothing Else is available to be downloaded for Windows.

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