In a briefing that addressed Nintendo’s financial results from the third quarter of this fiscal year, President Satoru Iwata confirmed that the previously announced Amiibo brand NFC cards that the company has been developing will release later this year. “In contrast to the current figure-shaped Amiibo available,” said Iwata, “we will make Amiibo in the form of cards this year as one of our future plans as Mr. Miyamoto mentioned at the Corporate Management Policy Briefing in October.”

Applications for Amiibo cards have already been publicly discussed by Miyamoto. He’s mentioned that a card game can be built around the concept, or that they can be used to record play history. He even mentioned the possibility of producing card versions of discontinued Amiibo figures.

What form do you think the first run of Amiibo cards will take? Will they just be, as Miyamoto mentioned, card forms of the current Amiibo figures? Or could this mean that Nintendo has new software lined up that will take full advantage of these new products? Comment below.

Source: Nintendo

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