Just over a year ago, Nintendo and the video game community as a whole suffered a tremendous and tragic loss when then Nintendo President Satoru Iwata passed away at the age of 55. Although Iwata held an executive position at the company for many years, he began his career as a game developer (and especially as a programmer), and he never lost sight of that part of himself, often lending his skills to struggling development teams and performing tasks well below his pay grade.

Iwata’s passion for game development never waned, even to the very end. According to Japanese publication Nikkei, Iwata “continued to work in a hospital room until the last moment.” Armed with his favorite PC, Iwata pressed on despite his worsening condition. Nikkei specifically mentions that he and Tsunekazu Ishihara (President of The Pokémon Company and a close friend of Iwata’s) continued to discuss ideas for Pokémon GO during Iwata’s time in the hospital.

Iwata was truly an incredible and unique member of the game development community, and he won’t soon be forgotten. Even in his final moments he was working to make people happy all over the world, and Pokémon GO (despite a few bugs and setbacks) is now doing exactly that.

Source: Nikkei

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