Speaking with investors, Nintendo CEO Satoru Iwata promised that more Wii U games are on the way. Wii U’s lineup for 2015 is already pretty packed, with games like Mario Maker, Splatoon, Yoshi’s Woolly World, Star Fox U, Xenoblade Chronicles X, and Zelda U (and that’s not even the full list!), but Iwata says there are still more announcements to come. A big focus of 2015’s lineup will be utilization of the GamePad, which Iwata says will open up lots of gameplay possibilities, while allowing for more user generated content in games like Mario Maker.

This slide shows the Wii U titles that have already been announced for release in 2015. Even though there are more to announce, this slide contains many titles which fully utilize the GamePad. In addition to Mr. Miyamoto’s GamePad Utilization Project, UGC (User-Generated Content), where players can enjoy other players’ creations, is possible in titles such as “Mario Maker” (temp.). Gameplay that utilizes the GamePad possesses a large amount of potential, and it can further expand the way parents and children have fun together.
— Satoru Iwata

The GamePad was a major focus when Wii U was first announced, but it hasn’t been used to its full potential yet. Hopefully the 2015 Wii U lineup will really take advantage of the hardware.

Source: Nintendo

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