Nintendo has spent the past two months since Satoru Iwata’s tragic passing looking for a replacement, and today they announced their choice of Tatsumi Kimishima. Kimishima is a longtime Nintendo executive who has served as the head of Nintendo of America, the CFO of The Pokémon Company, and the managing director of Nintendo Co., Ltd., but despite his impressive resume, he wasn’t actually Iwata’s favorite choice for the job.

According to Japanese publication Nikkei, Nintendo was looking for someone younger to replace Iwata (Kimishima is 65 years old), but they lacked the personnel. Nintendo has already announced that they’re working to make their leadership group “future-proof,” and executives like Miyamoto have talked about getting younger staff members more involved and preparing for the future of the company. It looks like there wasn’t anyone at Nintendo younger than Kimishima who was ready to assume Iwata’s role yet. However, Kimishima has already stated that he’d be open to outsiders running the company in the future.

Source: Dr. Serkan Toto (1, 2)

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