I think for awhile now we’ve known that the AAA industry seems to have a heavy focus on a select few genres, and among that, making games that seem to be all too similar. We’ve found plenty of avenues to place the blame for this, but chief among them is the AAA marketing teams. Jim Sterling, review editor of The Escapist, had a chance to sit down with developers and other such folks within the AAA industry to talk about this very issue.

Unfortunately, he can’t say who he talked to because they would lose their jobs, but he has a very saddening yet very pointed quote that explains practically every issue we see with AAA games.

“I deal with it every fucking day… marketers don’t come from games, they too come from physical goods. They know nothing of the landscape and the only things that fall into the sphere of vision is Candy Crush, Clash of Clans, and Call of Duty. The rest of the industry might as well not exist.”

You can see Jim Sterling expand upon all of this above during his weekly show, the Jimquisition. All I can say is those that remember Jim Sterling’s old Pasta Sauce episode will greatly understand where I come from. AAA publishers can’t keep attempting to go for the same piece of pie that someone else already owns. Why leave money on the table simply because you are unwilling to go after a piece of pie that clearly exists elsewhere? Indie games are sweeping in and enjoying hefty profits covering genres that AAA studios seem all too keen to avoid, for no discern-able reason. What do you think?

Our Verdict

Nathanial Rumphol-Janc
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