Jimquisition usually airs on Sunday, but the massive Xbox One backtrack called for a new episode. Naturally, Jim delivered. After all, he always does.

In this emergency midweek entry, Jim discusses the straw that broke the camel’s back: Jimmy Fallon. He also points at the victory of consumers, saying voting with your wallet can really create change in the industry. Jim warns us that Microsoft can still change their policies back at anytime if publishers pressure them, telling us to remain wary of the company that tried to “fuck us over”:

“Be vigilant. Be jubilant, but be vigilant… I will not forget this. Like I will never forget the ESA reversing its decision on SOPA only after it failed to become a law. Like I will never forget Ubisoft’s shitty DRM even after it stopped. Like I won’t forget EA glomming on to online pass system, despite now saying it was a dumb idea.”

To see the emergency episode, scroll up!

Thank god for Jim.

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