“It’s like Namco literally forgot that it succeeded with Dark Souls minutes after it got its
financial results. What we see here with Demon’s
and Dark Souls is a series
that became a cult hit specifically by not doing what everyone else did and a
publisher that now wants to make it more successful by doing what everyone else did.” – Jim Sterling

This week’s episode
of the Jimquisition is back on the topic of Triple-A publishers and
development studios being moronic, specifically Namco Bandai. See, Dark Souls II will
be arriving sometime within the next year or two, and the game’s publisher, Namco Bandai, is
apparently planning on “treating it like a massive, massive Triple-A
title” in order to appeal to a wider audience. They plan to be “widening
the net” with Dark Souls II, by extension skyrocketing development costs,even though practically all of Dark Souls sales come from a very loyal cult followingfor whom one of the primary reasons Dark Souls is so good is that it didn’t compromise its focus.

Our Verdict

Barry Herbers
I write editorials here at Gamnesia and occasionally some news (though far less often than I used to). Here's some of my work, long-form game essays, if you have any interest in that sort of stuff: The Amount of Content in a Game Has Nothing to do with its Price A Game's Atmosphere is Defined by its Mechanics, Not its Aesthetic The Witcher 3's Introduction is Terribly Paced and Too Restrictive of its Players I'm looking forward to The Last Guardian (had it pre-ordered since 2010), Rime, Night in the Woods, and Vane. If I had a niche, it would probably be the somewhat higher fidelity indie games, as take up most of the spots on that list. I'm also developing a no-budget video game with a friend, and you can follow me on Twitter (@TheVioletBarry) to hear about that and anything else I feel like saying. Film, games, it's that sort of stuff.


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