While Microsoft was busy getting shot down and murdered by fans (and a fair amount of the media as well), a few people were asking the question: “why can’t Microsoft have DRM if Steam can?” Well, in this weeks episode of Jimquisition, host Jim Sterling makes an attempt to answer that question. The through-line of his argument is that consoles were made for convenience that PCs couldn’t offer but at the cost of features only PC could offer, so adding the inconvenience of PC-like DRM to console games would entirely defeat the purpose of console’s existence in the first place.

Sterling also talks a fair amount on a topic with which viewers of Jimquisition will be familiar, that of the distrust between gamers and most game publishers as well as Microsoft, which is in stark contrast to the strong trust built between popular PC gaming software Steam and Good Old Games with their consumers.

So what did you think? Does Jim Sterling make a valid point?

Our Verdict