Recently, a report surfaced that called Konami out for mistreating its employees. Since then, games journalist and YouTuber Jim Sterling has done some digging, getting in touch with sources at Konami to gauge the accuracy of the allegations. In his latest episode of Jimquisition, Sterling reports via his sources that some of the complaints in the report are untrue (such as excessive monitoring of employees) or exaggerated (such as the re-shuffling of employees), but there are other complaints not mentioned in the previous report that have caused “mental, physical, and emotional damages” to employees.

Sterling’s sources complain of an archaic approval process, a wait that can last for up to two weeks at times, for employees to receive necessary assets to perform their job. They allege that different development teams are kept isolated from one another, and Konami executives will downplay or flat-out deny the role people had in creating games, stealing credit even from big names like Koji Igarashi. Employees reportedly feel that Konami has no respect for the history of its games or for its employees. In summing up the Konami experience, one source said,
“Welcome to Konami: You’re worthless, and everyone knows it.” You can check out Sterling’s full breakdown of the situation by clicking the video above; just be warned that there is a fair bit of swearing in there.

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