Platinum Games’ The Wonderful 101, directed by Hideki Kamiya, has had somewhat of a mixed reaction. The game is now available in both Europe and Japan, and even though North America has to wait for a little while longer to get their hands on more than just the demo, that doesn’t stop anyone from sharing opinions.

The Wonderful 101 is often praised for its swagger but criticized for its complicated controls. Many have said that the game takes getting used to and that there is a learning curve on the controls, but that it is entirely worth it, while others have gone so far as to say that the controls completely destroy the experience. In an emotional blog post, Hideki Kamiya shares his anxiety about the game’s release with his fans, and explains that getting used to the game is really not so bad.

“You’re always a little nervous when presenting something you’ve worked on for years to the entire world, but 101 is a game with such unique gameplay and atmosphere, I’ve got to say I’m even a little more anxious than usual.

At first it looks complicated, then you try it out and realize it’s not so bad, then you think you’ve got the hang of it and you realize the gameplay was a lot deeper than you originally assumed… the more you play 101 the more I think you’ll understand yourself, that’s the kind of game it is. To anyone who buys the game, I want them to first take their time and figure out the feel of the game, then go about the game in a style that best suits them. The first playthrough should be approached with a lot of flexibility and trial and error. Within time I’m sure you’ll start to get the controls, and experience what 101 is really about.”

Hideki Kamiya

Have you tried The Wonderful 101 yet? Do you think its accessibility is an issue, or do you think it’s easy to overcome the initial hurdle?

Source: Platinum Games

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