Iron Galaxy Studios revealed one of the new playable characters and a new game mode for Killer Instinct at PAX East 2015. The new character is Hisako, a creepy 19 year old girl who plays rather slowly but deliberately, due to her moves being based around grappling. She has an ability that allows her to enter her opponent’s body and break their bones. Other cool abilities include wall jumping and a “wraith meter” that will play into her item usage and counter hits. These abilities are featured in the video above.

The new game mode coming to this Xbox One exclusive fighter is called “Shadows.” Shadows Mode will allow players to play against ghosts of human opponents after that opponent is unavailable to play. A player’s shadow will be based off of their skills and personality, so the better the player, the better their shadow becomes. Iron Galaxy Studios hopes to make these shadows a ”
living representation of you on your best day.” An interesting aspect of these shadows is the personality factor – for example, if you usually tea-bag a player after you beat them or use a taunt whenever you get a KO, your shadow will do the same.

The possibility of
Killer Instinct getting a PC port was addressed as well. Iron Galaxy said it is still a possibility, but only a possibility. This would allow the community for Killer Instinct to grow and cause a greater demand for more content.

Are you forward to trying out this ghostly new character, or fighting the ghost of players you have fought before? Let us know in the comments below!

Source: GameSpot

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