Celebrity Kim Kardashian has made $85 million from her endorsement of the mobile app Kim Kardashian: Hollywood, which launched in June last year. The mobile game is free-to-play, but contains in-app purchases costing up to $99.99 each!

The app lets players rise through the ranks of the virtual Hollywood elite in order to make the A-list alongside Kim Kardashian herself. Kim has a 45% cut in the profits from in-app purchases, with the app taking in $200 million overall. Glu Mobile’s stock has also jumped by 42% since the release of the app.

This success could herald the beginning of a slew of celebrity-endorsed games, since mobile apps are increasingly becoming a brilliant way to make money (take the infamous Flappy Bird, for example, which was earning $50k per day before it was taken down). It just remains to be seen whether any other big names have the reputation necessary to pull this kind of profit.

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Source: Bloomberg

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