Square Enix debuted playable demos of Kingdom Hearts III last week to a special number of guests. During that event, series director Tetsuya Nomura had a chance to talk about Kingdom Hearts Union χ (Cross) and how its story will impact the upcoming game, foreshadowing an ending that players might find “difficult to grasp:”

“The series as a whole has had a serious storyline so it’d make sense if you think Kingdom Hearts 3 will have a serious storyline as well. But because it is a resolution of things that have been happening until now, I think there will be many surprises that you may not expect to happen.

“If you have been playing Kingdom Hearts Union X[Cross] on your mobile platform, you would know that we have foreshadowed that light will be defeated by darkness. So you may see what happens with that being foreshadowed. I actually do believe it may have some kind of a “difficult ending” that you may find a bit difficult to grasp.

“It depends on whether or not everyone can go against all odds and overcome what’s being foretold.” — Tetsuya Nomura

Many fans have analyzed this quote to death. Some think he’s talking about the ending to Union χ since the game is still being updated. Others believe he’s talking about the events of Kingdom Hearts III specifically.

While Nomura references both titles, I think he’s talking more about the upcoming conflict in Kingdom Hearts III. The prophecy in Union χ states that “on that land shall darkness prevail and the light expire.” This same quote is used in the reveal trailer for Kingdom Hearts III, and Nomura has commented in the past that it is not about the events of Union χ.

But what do you guys think? Will Kingdom Hearts III have a less conventional ending? Will the light be extinguished? Let us know what you think in the comments below!

Source: KHInsider

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