This week’s Famitsu magazine featured some new details regarding the upcoming Nintendo 3DS title Kirby: Planet Robobot, including information on available modes for the titular Robobot Armor, images of a seemingly mind-controlled Meta Knight, and an evil clone of King Dedede.

We now know that the Robobot Armor can use Stone Mode, where you can punch enemies with giant hands, punch the ground for a wide-range attack, or use the giant hands to defend from enemy attacks; Mic Mode, where you can attack with ear-splitting sounds from four large speakers; and ESP Mode, where you can attack with Psycho Thunder — an attack involving four giant electric balls that can hit multiple enemies simultaneously.

We also see how Kirby will get to fight against Meta Knight and King Dedede. The former is controlled by the enemy using a device attached to his mask, while for King Dedede, Kirby is up against a clone created from his old nemesis’ cells. This clone considers Kirby as his greatest rival and will attack him as soon as he is found.

Two recent trailers have also been released to show off gameplay from the game, letting us see plenty of action.

Source: Nintendo Everything

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Everything looks so much cooler in my mind.


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