The Kirby: Right Back at Ya! anime, starring the titular pink puff we all know and love, is known for its occasional bits of satire and self-referential parody. No episode made that clearer than episode 47, “Cartoon Buffoon.” While this episode turned the series’ concept on its head—with King Dedede looking to create his very own cartoon, resulting in a poorly drawn retelling of the first episode—it also gave its audience an inside look on the extensive production process behind making a cartoon.

Hand this already meta episode to eager artists to reanimate from start to finish, and you wind up with a hilarious and delightful collaborative adaptation of a fan favorite episode that makes it worth watching all over again! Check out the Kirby Reanimated Collab in full above.

The project was led by Roya Shahidi, who founded the collab back in 2017 and managed to reign in a massive team consisting of over 300 artists! You can check out the full list of credited artists right here.

On a more somber note, among the artists involved was the late Angelxmikey, who quietly finished his long fight with cystic fibrosis and passed away in his sleep earlier today. We at Gamnesia extend our condolences and deepest sympathies to his wife Merluvli, his family, and his friends in these times.

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