Kirby’s Dream Course became available today for the Virtual Console on the New 3DS. The classic 1994 SNES game features Kirby playing golf to battle the forces of King Dedede, the Kirby franchise’s ever-present antagonist.

The Virtual Console service will allow players to revisit their childhood with Kirby, Gordo, Kracko, and other characters from the game. Nintendo’s entry on their website gave an idea of what’s in store:

“Scan the course and check out the obstacles ahead. Get ready for the most surprising game play imaginable in Kirby’s battle against King Dedede! This checkerboard challenge brings outrageous hazards and bizarre surfaces. Gordo, Kracko, Whispy Woods and a cast of zany characters await you. Gain special powers including Fireball, Freeze, and Spark. Transform your enemies into stars revealing eight hidden cups. Control the force and angle of your shot and sink Kirby for a hole-in-one!”

The game is available from Nintendo’s online store for $7.99. Do you remember playing this when it came out over two decades ago? Will you be getting it? Let us know below!

Source: Nintendo Everything

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Everything looks so much cooler in my mind.


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