Koei Tecmo recently dissected the Hyrule Warriors developer distribution to give us an idea of what’s to be expected in the game.

Yosuke Hayashi, producer at Koei Tecmo, member of Team Ninja, and contributor to our next
Zelda installment, sat down with Official Nintendo Magazine UK to give us a taste of each highlight within the new game. In his interview, Hayashi links each in-game feature to different departments within Koei Tecmo and gives us information on Nintendo’s roles, as well.

“Omega Force were kind enough to create the ‘basic Dynasty Warriors style gameplay,’ Team Ninja made the ‘one-on one’ and ‘boss battles’ sections for us, and Nintendo gave us the ‘understanding required for the Zelda series.’ As we were using the Zelda IP, Nintendo did detailed checks at the beginning of development, but what really stood out from a developmental perspective was Nintendo‚Äôs constant encouragement to ‘take a freer approach in the creation process.'” — Yosuke Hayashi

With Nintendo’s focus on the game being more lenient than usual, it’s safe to say that this new Zelda game will be very different from its predecessors. Thanks to Hayashi, we can now research each Koei Tecmo department, and the in-game magic they’ve done in the past, to give ourselves an idea of what’s to be expected in Hyrule Warriors.

Does this new information increase your excitement for Hyrule Warriors? Give us your thoughts in the comments below.

Source: Official Nintendo Magazine UK

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