With the enormous amount of new games and information that have been unveiled today, Nintendo has put up Developer Interviews on their E3 site (as well as their YouTube channel). Koichi Hayashida, Developer of Super Mario 3D World, has one available as well.

What Kind of Mario?

Koichi says that the developers had the “Wii U version in mind” when they were developing Super Mario 3D Land. Multiplayer was important, and he enjoys the return of elements such as picking up and throwing other players. A new element is the scoreboard that appears each time you clear a level, which he believes will foster competition between

Player Characters

Mario, Luigi, Princess Peach, and Toad are all playable. Koichi explains the differences between the four characters:

Mario is the well-rounded character you would expect. Luigi, as usual, can jump a bit higher. Princess Peach has the ability to float in midair. She’s great for beginners
because she probably won’t fall into pits too easily. Toad is, in a sense, for the expert players. I say this because he’s the fastest.

He goes on to say that he expects Toad to become a favorite for those who wish to clear courses quickly.

Cat Mario

The new cat suit allows the character to behave, obviously, in a manner similar to a cat: sliding, jump attacks, and wall-climbing, plus climbing the goal posts.

Clear Pipes

Koichi says that he was always curious as to what goes on in the green warp pipes, and so he chose to expand upon this by allowing players to see what Mario does while traveling
in the pipes by making the pipes clear. This allows for new opportunities to grab coins, but also proves a danger as some may contain enemies.

New Controls with the Wii U GamePad controller

For added interactivity and gameplay, the GamePad has been incorporated into the game. You can freeze enemies, stop moving platforms, and some hidden secrets that can be
unveiled. They also made use of the gyrosensor to allow the player to move the camera, similar to Super Mario 64.

Koichi sums up the video by saying that he hopes this game – with old elements and new – will be the crowing glory of the 3D Mario games.

What do you think about the Developer Interview? Are you excited for Super Mario 3D World? Sound off in the comments below!

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