Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night, a Kickstarter-funded spiritual successor to Castlevania, was originally slated to launch next year, but creator Koji Igarashi recently announced that it’s been delayed to 2018. While the extra development time will allow for a better experience at launch, it has created a “very complicated problem” (in Igarashi’s words) regarding the planned Wii U version.

Nintendo is planning to launch their next console, codenamed NX, next March. Now that Bloodstained won’t be releasing until sometime in 2018, it could very well be a full year or longer from the time NX launches until Bloodstained is released, and many players will have likely moved on from the console. However, Igarashi doesn’t want to go back on his Kickstarter promises or leave Wii U owners empty-handed.

“Yeah, it’s a very complicated problem. The reality is this: As timelines move on, certain pieces of hardware become irrelevant. Sometimes new pieces of hardware come out that make you think about what is the right strategy. And as a creator, usually you want to make stuff for the new hardware. That’s the reality.

“However, this was a game that was backed by people, and we made promises to listen to them. They’re the people that gave us life so to speak. Any sort of change that we do or are considering that goes outside the scope of the promises we’ve made must be done with lots of explanation, must be done with lots of care, and must be done with lots of back and forth with them to see what options we have. We must listen to them at the end of the day, and we have made promises.

“Unfortunately, some of those don’t make as much sense anymore as they did before, and that’s also reality. So you’re in a very difficult position, and at the end of the day, if you’re going to go in one certain direction, you want to make sure that you have support from them.

“But so far we’ve, I think, been incredibly transparent through all the things that have happened with our backers, and they have been very supportive. So I’m hoping that if there is going to be a difficult decision some day, and we don’t know, that we’re able to have that conversation. If they say they don’t get it, well that’s where we’re at. And if they say they do get it, well then, we’ll be able to do things that are maybe more interesting. We’ll see.”
— Koji Igarashi

It doesn’t sound like Igarashi and his team have reached a conclusive decision regarding a Wii U release for the game (or potentially an NX release), but transparency is a priority. Are you still hoping for a Wii U release for Bloodstained, or should the development team move on to NX?

Source: IGN

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