The Game Awards, which were held this past weekend, featured a great performance by Nintendo composer Koji Kondo who is known for his various contributions to The Legend of Zelda and Mario franchises.

Mario Maker is an upcoming platformer game creator application, similar to Happy Wheels. Being developed by Nintendo EAD Group No. 4, Mario Maker will fundamentally be a video game in which players can create and play their own Mario-themed platformer levels.

Koji Kondo, who is composing for this title, spoke about the musical and sound aspects with IGN. When asked about how music was generally implemented into Mario Maker‘s experience, Kondo stated:

“There are two modes to this game. You have the mode where you’re playing whatever it is you’ve created, and then the actual creation mode where you’re placing different blocks, enemies, and whatnot to build your level. What I really wanted to focus on was the seamless transition of music between those two modes. So when you’re playing, you’ll be hearing the kind of music you’d expect, Then, when you transition into edit mode, the sounds might become a little brighter, cleaner, livelier, but we don’t really want you to notice that change. That seamless transition between the two modes is where we’re really focusing. We also want to make sure that players, who will be spending a lot of time in the edit mode creating their levels, don’t get tired of the music. We have all the different tracks – the base track, the piano, the drums – which we try to do some interesting things with using our recent technology. Whether it’s lowering or increasing volume, or bringing them in and out of these separate tracks, we always want to make sure the music sounds fresh and new so the players never get tired of hearing it.”

While it might take a second read of Kondo’s statement to fully understand what he means, it’s commendable to note how the development team behind this title is looking to make it a truly enjoyable experience whether you’re playing a level or editing one.

Kondo continued and mentioned another interesting point of how the sound effects react to the music:

“The sound effects that you hear when you’re placing the different elements within a level are pitched to match the music playing at that time. It’s pretty fun to add and subtract elements and see how those sound effects change to fit with the music that’s playing.”

Mario Maker is looking at a release window of early-to-mid 2015 and will launch worldwide for the Wii U. With Koji Kondo composing the music and sound for this title, consumers can definitely look forward to hearing a satisfying soundtrack coupled with this creator game.

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Source: IGN

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